Two Gaza Terrorists Blow Themselves Up Into Bits. Arabs Blame Israel

by Avi Abelow

Arabic media reported that two Gaza terrorists blew themselves up last week as they were attempting to attack Israel. Yet, the Gaza Ministry of Health reported to the English news wires that an Israeli airstrike killed them.

The Gaza funeral procession for the two terrorists who blew themselves up.

The Terrorists

Ayman al-Najjar, 26, and Muhannad Hamuda, 24, were both from Jabaliya in northern Gaza. They were connected to the PFLP terror organization. This is not an Islamic terror organization, rather, this is a secular, socialist terror group. Yet we see, that regardless of religion, it seems that all Arab terrorists have the religious desire to die as a “martyr” in killing Jews.

They were killed by an explosion while they prepared to launch a projectile at Israel. Yet the Gaza Ministry of Health announced to the international press that an Israeli airstrike killed the two men near a cemetery.

Arabic Media

Here are two articles in Arabic media that reported on this incident. Google translated these headlines into English:
Martyrdom of two comrades during the mission of fighting northern Gaza Strip

Two martyrs during the mission of fighting northern Gaza Strip

Arabic Media in English

And here are two articles from the Arabic press in English.  The global coverage mirrored the Arabic coverage of the news event:

Two Palestinians killed by Israeli Airstrikes Targeting People At a Cemetery

Two killed after Israel strikes Gaza overnight

IDF Statement

“Many testimonies from the Gaza Strip cast doubt on the credibility of the Hamas Health Ministry’s announcement of the deaths of the two terrorist operatives at midnight.”  So claimed the IDF Spokesperson’s Office in a statement distributed on social networks.  Then he added, “What does Hamas wish to hide?”

“Time and again they tell you lies, half-truths. Instead of speaking the truth and telling you what really happened in the cemetery in Jabalya, they prefer to automatically blame Israel.” The announcement continued, “Let’s challenge the Hamas Health Ministry to find out what is really the reason for the explosion.”

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