Iran is terrorizing the Middle East and the entire world

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran is fueling terror across the Middle East as well as the rest of the world. Their own people are suffering as well! Where is the emergency UN meeting?

Iran, the Middle East, and the World

Iran is instigating terror. They want to wreak havoc and bring destruction upon the world. Whether it’s their desire to build a nuclear weapon, their funding of terrorism worldwide, or their constant threats, their goal is to bring bloodshed. They don’t stop at their own borders, but rather their terror is felt throughout the world. Yemen, Syria, and Saudi Arabia feel it. Europe, Israel, America – everyone feels it.

Destroying Their Own People

Iranian leaders are even bringing destruction upon their own people. Human rights are non-existent. Women are forced to wear a hijab and are arrested if not. And don’t even think to speak out against the Iranian regime!

The economy is dwindling, and their leadership fails to improve it.

The only thing Iran focuses on is how to bring more terrorism into the world and destroy more lives.

And their people have had enough.

What Does the World Say?

The world is too focused on Israel to discuss Iran at length. Why are they so distraught over Israel, a nation who tries to defend itself against terrorism, instead of calling out the top sponsor of terrorism, Iran? Why does the only democracy in the Middle East have more resolutions against it than Iran?

Unless things change and the United Nations and the world change their focus, Iran is going to get away with murder. Literally.

So wake up, and speak up.

Arab Incitement
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