About Us – Israel Unwired

by Aaron

Israel Unwired is part of the most effective network distributing online videos about Israel and the Jewish people today. Our goal is to educate, inspire, and entertain via fresh, high quality video + article content.

Two Fronts

Today’s conflict is on two fronts – the military front and the public opinion front. The main driving force for public opinion today is Social Media and online activity. Israel Unwired serves as a voice for Israel and the Jewish people that mainstream media rarely feature. At this point, hundreds of thousands of people are being reached everyday across social media channels. That places Israel Unwired at the forefront of impacting individuals worldwide about Israel and the Jewish people.

The distribution network for Israel videos was formed in 2011.  It started with an organizational psychologist/movie producer and an online advertising manager.  They put their heads together, and together with a talented staff, developed a fluid social media strategy. We adapt to the ever-changing eco-social media world.  Till now, the network has amassed over a million social media followers.

The Future

Israel Unwired strives to attain a global reach of more than a million e-mail subscribers and ten million social media followers.

In the coming years, we plan to move beyond the English language and move into other languages.  The common denominator is simple.  We connect or deepen the connection of as many people as possible to Israel and the Jewish people.

Of course, we are not alone in this endeavor.  Our partners are the thousands of video producers who create unique videos about Israel.  Talented young people creating original content and experienced videographers.  These are the people who often create works of art that don’t receive sufficient exposure.

Israel Unwired is here to assist with the distribution.  We are here to make sure that no excellent short or long video stays hidden for long.

Connecting people to Israel is our goal.  Quality Video content is the primary method.


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