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Tel Aviv is a new city.  It is a beach city.  But more than anything else, it represents Israel's vibrant hi-tech start-up nation. Today, Tel-Aviv features the 3rd largest economy in the Middle East after Abu Dhabi and Kuwait City. It is an expensive city too - probably the most expensive city in Israel to live in.


The new city was founded on sand dunes North of the Jaffa coastline.  Today, almost all tourists visit its beaches and enjoy its nightlife. The most historic event that occurred in Tel-Aviv was the Declaration of Independence in 1948.  David Ben-Gurion stood up in front of the provisional government and bravely declared the formation of the State of Israel. Today, Tel-Aviv features many amazing museums.  The most famous museums are the Independence Hall museum and the Palmach museum. It is NOT the capital of the State of Israel.   However, the embassies of most countries are located in Tel Aviv.  If and when the United States moves its embassy to Jerusalem, many other countries will follow suit.

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