Massive Violence Breaks Out in the Center of Tel Aviv Between Illegal Migrants

by Avi Abelow

A civil war broke out this week in the heart of Tel Aviv.  The battle is not between Jews and Arabs. It is between supporters of the African country Eritrea and its opponents. Israelis were not involved at all. Some of the tens of thousands of illegal migrants, many from the African country of Eritrea, caused the violence.

Israel’s Illegal Migrant Problem

These are tens of thousands of illegal migrants in Israel. They have brought violence, rape and a deep sense of insecurity to Israeli citizens.  Of course, this is felt most in neighborhoods with large migrant populations. Israel stopped the huge influx of illegal migrants  when they built a wall on the Sinai border.

However, tens of thousands still succeeded in entering Israel illegally. The Israeli government passed laws to expel them.  But the Supreme Court keeps on negating those laws. The following videos show the extreme scenes of violence they now bring to the lower income Israeli neighborhoods that they reside in.

Eritrean Street War

In this first video, you see an “army” of Eritreans running on the streets. The Israeli car driver is screaming that they are carrying blocks and rods. Out of fear for their safety, he tells the passenger to close the windows.   The obvious question that arises is, why are they endangering themselves in order to film this?  The answer is that they want to show Israelis just how dangerous the situation has become with these illegal African migrants. The liberal Israeli media tell the public that these are all refugees and Israel must not expel them.

In this second video you see some of the violence that has been taking place in the middle of the streets, day and night!

This is violence between Eritreans who support the Eritrean regime and those against the regime. This should NOT have anything to do with Israel – but it’s in Israel.

The Supreme Court

The media and the Supreme Court argue that these illegal Eritrean migrants are refugees who fled the oppressive Eritrean regime.  But this next video exposes the truth. They are not refugees fleeing persecution. They are illegal migrants who came for jobs.

The HUGE Party That Exposes the Truth

This next video shows the massive Eritrean Independence Day party in Tel-Aviv. Thousand and thousands of Eritreans came to celebrate a party in the heart of Tel-Aviv.  Could this happen if Israel was indeed an “oppressive” regime that persecutes them?

Thousands of Eritrean “refugees” celebrated at this Independence party organized by the Eritrean embassy in Israel. Pay attention to the “refugees” who fly pictures of the president of Eritrea and wear hats distributed by the embassy. Even the band was brought especially from Eritrea!

Would migrants begging for refugee status from a country that persecutes them be celebrating Independence Day for that regime that they are requesting asylum from? NO.

Job-Seekers, Not Refugees

It is clear that a majority of the tens of thousands of Eritreans who have illegally migrated to Israel came for work, not to escape persecution in Eritrea. In this next video an Eritrean himself says so (in Hebrew). While there are some Eritreans who did flee persecution, the majority of them are illegal migrants for work.

Now they brought their mutual hatred to each other to the streets of Tel Aviv and other low income housing areas where they live.

The solution? To allow the true refugees fleeing persecution to stay in Isreal. And expel the regime supporters back to Eritrea.

May Golan

One of the first activists in Tel Aviv who has been vocal about the illegal African migrant problem in Israel is May Golan. I had the pleasure of meeting May and interviewing her twice, a year apart.

In the first video you will hear about the situation back then, and the second interview has an optomistic update that has since been torpodoed, once again, by the Supreme Court of Justice. This illegal migrant issue is a clear sign that Israel’s Supreme Court many times makes decisions based on their own liberal value system and not based on any laws. They have consistently placed the “rights” of illegal migrants above the rights of Israeli citizens.

Arab Incitement
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