Investigative Report: Muslim refugee rape gangs coming to America?

by Michael Sax

As Muslims refugees flee the Middle East, they come to the United States. They bring with them one vital aspect that they hold on to strongly – Sharia law. Will they be able to respect American culture and treat women properly or will they form rape gangs?

Muslim refugees

Many of the refugees, especially from Syria, have been through hell. They experienced different wars or conflicts, including Syrians having their peers gassed by Assad’s regime. However, an important question remains.

What is their motivation?

What drives them to come to the United States? Is it that they merely need a place to live? Do they have the American spirit, and want to work hard to make a better life? Part of the challenge is that according to some people, the Syrian refugees view women as spoils of war. That is, their rightful property. Other people explain how women who do not wear veils are “fair game.”  Lastly, Islamic law is against assimilation.

Will they respect American lives?

Well, for the refugees who agree to treat women with respect and not rape them, they will have normal lives. However, for the Muslim refugees who think they can set up rape gangs, they get whatever punishment our legal system can provide. Sharia law or no Sharia law, they can’t treat American women like that.

Do these concerns have any base?

Yes. A report by the Bavarian interior ministry stated that that 11 percent of all suspects in sex crimes in the first half of 2017 were people who had come to Germany seeking asylum.

This fact is not meant to create panic. Rather, it is to enable the pubic to be aware of potential problems. Last year, two asylum seekers were arrested on suspicion of sexually assaulting young girls at a swimming pool in Germany. Our wives and children deserve to be safe. Hopefully the rapists will not be able to enter the USA.

Motivation for Terror
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