Bill Maher Crushes the Far-Left With Viral Clip About Israel

by Phil Schneider

Maher says so many annoying things in this clip, but his basic thesis is correct. After every war, millions of people end up moving because of the impact of the wars they are in. More than any other group, the Jewish people have been moved, ethnically cleansed, and killed over the centuries. But the only people in the world who never stop complaining and insist on kicking out all of the Jews “from the river to the sea” are the Arabs in the Land of Israel. His point on Mexico is classic. And yes, Maher is right – the Jewish people are here to stay.

But let’s make one thing clear. The Arabs in the Land of Israel have it better than most of the Arabs in nearly every other country in the Middle East. In Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Yemen, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, and Iraq, Arab minorities have less religious freedom, less women’s rights, worse health care by far, and no chance of becoming a Supreme Court Judge, like in Israel. They all know this. That is why there has not been a mass exodus to any of these countries. The only Arab countries that the moderate Arabs are interested in are UAE, Bahrain, and perhaps Kuwait.

The problem is the homicidal sickening Arab hatred of Jews often overcomes their inclinations to live a freedom-filled happy life of upward mobility. The Middle Age attitudes are alive and well in the Middle East. In Dubai, Bahrain, Kuwait, and perhaps Saudi Arabia, modernity is starting to dominate. But that is not yet happening across all of the Middle East. 

If Israel pummels Hamas into oblivion, then the other Iranian proxies like Hizbullah will find excuses to not fight against Israel. But Israel must finish the job against Hamas – destroy the entire leadership and ALL of their weapons. Otherwise, a small cancer left to grow in Gaza will once again grow into a full-fledged force planning massacres and surprise attacks against Israel once again.      

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