These Might be the Most Beautiful Song Lyrics Ever Written About the Jewish People

by Leah Rosenberg

This song captures the essence of the Jewish people. It captures what we are all about and what makes us so different from our enemies.

The Jewish People Want to Live

This song is called “Mission to Live.” Just the title explains basically everything you need to know about the Jewish people compared to the mission of our enemies. The Jewish people want to live. Our goal is not to die. Our goal is not to kill. We are a people committed to life. And while we are on this Earth, we sanctify our time and follow G-d’s ways. We give, we love, and we spread the light of G-d and Torah.

Our enemies do the exact opposite. Their mission is to die. Their mission is to kill. Their goals are quite literally the opposite of ours. They have no values to give or live. They have no values to spread any type of light. They spread darkness and evil instead of light and good. Some of the world has woken up to that truth after what happened on October 7. And for those who still can’t see that the Jewish people are the light trying to destroy the darkness, then they most likely never will see it. For those who still can’t manage to stand with Israel against the most vicious evil that exists in the world, they have no morals. Those people are part of the evil. Those people are part of the darkest darkness that is in this world.

The Jewish nation will prevail. They always have, and they always will. Light extinguishes darkness. And the people of Israel have always brought so much light to the world.

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