The incredible hidden talents of Israeli soldiers

by Leah Rosenberg

You hear about Israeli soldiers. They are all over the news. But here is a different view than what the media might show you.

Israeli Soldiers in the Media

Usually, the media tries to portray Israeli soldiers in a negative way. They paint these heroes as villains – these grown children (sometimes just 18 years of age) as evil or even as murderers. But it is all false. These young heroes simply defend their homeland in the best way possible. And if the world just understood that they are humans who have families at home, fears and worries, talents and skills – maybe they would view Israeli soldiers differently.

Playing Piano in Jerusalem

How beautiful is it for the Jewish people to play an instrument in their homeland? In their CAPITAL! Music is so central to Judaism. King David declared Jerusalem the capital of Israel thousands of years ago, and he was a musician! And now, a hero in the Israel Defense Forces is playing music in the streets of Jerusalem – where Jews have been singing and dancing for centuries. It’s a beautiful link in the chain of the Jewish people’s history.

A Stark Contrast

It’s a stark contrast, but it goes hand in hand. This IDF soldier is playing the piano with a gun on her shoulder. Why? Because Israel must defend itself. But that doesn’t mean Israel is the villain. The way she beautifully plays the piano while displaying her gun is a microcosm of what Israel is: A strong defender, yet a peaceful player.

If only the media were to show THIS!

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