Halleluyah is being played all across Jerusalem, and you’re gonna love it!

by Michael Sax

The classic Israeli song Halleluyah just got a new twist. Check out this video and join along for a tour of famous Jerusalem sites!

About the song

The Israeli song ‘Halleluyah’ is a timeless classic. Gali Atari and Milk & Honey presented it at Eurovision in 1979. The song won the international contest! The lyrics are originally in Hebrew. There is a translation below, however, like many songs, once translated, it lacks some of the meaning that can only be felt in the original Hebrew. The word Halleluya means to ‘praise God’.

Halleluyah – English lyrics

Halleluyah to the world.
Everyone will sing
One word only
And the heart is full of thanks.
And beats as well what a wonderful world.

Halleluya – with the song,
for a day that shines.
For all that has been
and for all that is about to happen.

Halleluyah – to the world.
Everyone will sing
And the big bells
will echo in many music notes.
And together with us they will say – Halleluya.

Halleluyah – for everything,
yesterday and tomorrow.
Halleluyah – hand in hand
and sing in one heart – Halleluya.

About the artists

The song was originally performed by Israeli musician Gali Atari and the group “Milk and Honey”. Atari was born in Israel, however her parents immigrated there from Yemen. At 17 years old, Atari recorded two songs, one of which became popular in Israel.

The group “Milk and Honey” consisted of Reuven Gvirtz, Shmulik Bilu and Yehudah Tamir. They performed “Halleluyah” with Gali Atari in 1979. Their track peaked in the UK Singles Chart at #5 in April 1979.

In the video above, a musician plays the classic Halleluya song in Jerusalem. Whoever has been to Jerusalem will surely recognize the Machane Yehuda Shuk as well as Ben Yehuda. The musician also performs in the Old City and Yemin Moshe. In fact, the windmill from the video is the famous Montefiore windmill built back in 1857. Today, the windmill does not make flour, however it can still turn in the wind and is a fun place to explore!

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