Here is the answer to why Israel is so inspiring

by Avi Abelow

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks marvelously succeeds in explaining why Israel is the most inspiring story of our generation, for all mankind. In this short video he says it all.

After 2,000+ years of exile and persecution, the Jewish people returned to their homeland. We should be an inspiration for all people of the world.  This symbolizes the ability to overcome all obstacles.  That would have been enough. Yet, in just 70 short years, the Jewish people developed Israel to be one of the most developed countries in the world, in so many ways.  Can you imagine? Not only did we overcome thousands of years of exile and persecution, but we are excelling in developing a world leading country.

This is a monumental feat.  The Jewish people are a living miracle. A testament to the existence of a higher power in the world.  We are the story of inspiration for all of mankind.

Text of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

If people would only take a moment to think about the miraculous return of the Jewish people to the State of Israel. The story of Israel is one without parallel in history. The story of the love of a people for a land, the love of Jews for Israel.

There in ancient times our people was born, and there in modern times our people was reborn. The day will come when the story of Israel in modern times will speak not just to Jews, but to all who believe in the power of the human spirit as it reaches out to G-d as an everlasting symbol of the victory of life over death, hope over despair.

Because Israel has achieved great things.  It’s taken a barren land and made it bloom.  It’s taken an ancient language, the Hebrew of the Bible, and made it speak.  Israel has taken the West’s oldest faith and made it young.

It’s taken a tattered, shattered nation and made it live.  Israel is the country whose national anthem, Hatikvah, means hope.  ISRAEL IS THE HOME OF HOPE!

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