Think before you judge. It might just change everything.

by Michael Sax

This classic video from Meir Kay inspires so many people. Wait till you see what happened in the doctor’s office – it’s something no one ever saw coming.

Everyone has a story

This video presents a very important point. We can get so caught up in our own lives that we forget other people also have stories. And sometimes, people forget to be considerate of others. Meir Kay made this powerful point in his new video.

Meir Kay

This man has a mission. He strives to spread a positive attitude through different mediums. You may have seen his other videos. Those videos emphasize the importance of being happy and kind to others.

​Meir’s Message

This video starts in a doctor’s office. An anxious man waits for the doctor (played by Kay). When the doctor finally arrives, the man speaks with him in a worried and rude tone. The man is understandably worried about his son and also complains to the doctor about his late arrival.

Meir Kay, who plays the doctor, does everything he can to reassure the man. He then takes the man’s son for surgery. A while later, the doctor emerges. He tells the father the good news; the boy will hopefully make a complete recovery. The man is understandably grateful, yet the doctor strangely rushes off. Before leaving, the doctor tells the man that the office staff can assist with followup questions.

The man, grateful for his son’s success procedure, is somewhat confused by the doctor’s behavior. He approaches the front desk. A medical secretary speaks with the man, and what she tells him changes everything. We won’t spoil the ending here, check the video to see what happens.

Be Kind

The medical secretary then explains the doctor’s behavior. And the message we learn from it is to be kind. We have no idea what other people are going through. Or what challenges they face. So we shouldn’t judge others, and we should treat other people in the best way, as they may be experiencing their worst day. Yet when we are kind, we can make a big difference.

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