Bombshell Speech by Prime Minister Netanyahu Unmasks Iran’s Lies to the whole world

by Phil Schneider

Prime Minister Netanyahu just made it clear that Israel has perfectly clear evidence – and tons of it – that Iran is full of it.  The Israeli secret service delivered 100% clear proof that Iran lied and continues to lie about nuclear weapons.

Netanyahu continues to be at the forefront of the fight to keep nuclear weapons out of Israel’s most dangerous foe – Iran.  Prime Minister Netanyahu clarifies exactly what Iran did to Obama, the EU, and all foreign leaders.  Iran lied to them – plain and simple.  The Obama administration said hundreds of times that Iran was in compliance with the signed agreement.  In truth, Iran did not only NOT comply with the agreements.  Iran had no intention whatsoever to comply with the agreements.  Barack Obama turned Iran’s compliance into a policy point.  This was 100% false.  The Iranian leaders are liars.

Worthless Signatures

The strong incontrovertible evidence that Israel just displayed serves as a powerful reminder.  Dictators sign pieces of paper without any intention of fulfilling anything they sign on.  In Pre-World War II Europe, Neville Chamberlain was proud of what he accomplished when he met Adolf Hitler.  He got a signature!  The Soviet Union believed that Germany would not invade them after Germany and the Soviet Union signed an agreement to split up Poland.  But German signatures were simple tactics of stalling an enemy till a future date.  The signatures meant nothing else to the Germans.  The signatures of the Iranians were nothing but a stalling tactic by the Iranians.  Barack Obama was duped by the Iranians – period.

President Trump needs to decide how to get out of the horrible and worthless agreement with the Iranians.  But any reasonable person now knows that lies and dictators go hand in hand.  The Iranian leadership are dictators.  We need to treat all Iranians statements as potentially true – but probably lies.  We need to judge the Iranians on one thing – actions.

This message must be shared and spread worldwide to unmask Iran’s lies!

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