Israel just discovered what life would be like on Mars

by Michael Sax

Israeli scientists are making the trip to Mars one step closer. With its desert research facility and real life simulations, Israeli know-how is preparing us for the next big space adventure.

For decades people have dreamt about flying to Mars. And with NASA making astronomical leaps, one day mankind may step on Mars. However, in order to do so we have to be ready. That means having the best equipment and training.  Will Israel lead the way for the world?

How can we train for Mars?

Israeli scientists are training astronauts for the next frontier. They found the perfect place. Israel’s Ramon crater, located in the Negev desert, has many similarities with Mars. They both share similar land structure, geology, and aridity. In fact, Israel has already sent six “Ramonauts” to train. They lived in a special habitat for four days. The trainees also tested out space suits and carried out some Mars-related experiments.

There were other technical aspects to the experiment. They checked satellite communications, checked for life signs in the soil, and reported on the psychological effects of isolation.


People also call this the “Red Planet.”  That’s because it looks red, due to large amounts of iron oxide there. The Red Planet has two moons, Phobos and Deimos. They are small, only about 14 miles in diameter. Asaph Hall discovered the moons in 1877. Phobos and Deimos are Greek mythical creatures.

Scientists have sent lots of spacecrafts to explore the red planet. They study the planet’s surface, climate, and geology. As of 2018, there are six spacecraft in orbit and two on the planet’s surface. In 2012, a science laboratory reached Mars. It has a special laser chemical sampler that can deduce the make-up of rocks. It can also drill into the rocks. In 2014, a spacecraft launched by India reached the Red Planet. Its goal is to analyze the Martian atmosphere and topography.

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