Get your adrenaline pumping with 1 minute on the cliff’s edge

by Phil Schneider

Mitzpe Ramon – Israel’s largest crater.  Would you like to scale the side of a cliff in Israel?  I’d rather watch it than experience it.  

This is Israel’s version of the Grand Canyon.  In Israel’s Negev, tourists often marvel at the amazing array of wildlife. Others are amazed by the unbelievable views.  The lookout point at Mitzpe Ramon is definitely one of the most astounding porches to sit and ponder life from.

Erosion Crater

This means the following:

formation of such craters begins with layering of rocks, with the bottom layer being soft (sandstone, in this case) and the topmost hard (limestone). Later, tectonic movements create ripples in the landscape, forming mountainous crests separated by valleys. The mountaintops, covered in hard limestone, are eroded away in time, revealing the soft rock beneath. Rainwater gradually washes the sandstone away, creating valleys that break out through the tough perimeter of the crest. In this process, the mountain is gradually emptied from within, leaving only the cliffs on its sides (made of hard limestone) while its entire content has been washed away.”

Most people travel to Mitzpe Ramon on their way to or from Eilat.  Israel’s south is a vast expanse that is largely empty.  David Ben-Gurion envisioned masses of people settling the Southern part of Israel. He himself is buried in Sde Boker – in the heart of Israel’s south.  The time to visit Mitzpe Ramon is the winter. It is simply too hot in the summer time. A fascinating sight is watching the snow which occasionally falls in Mitzpe Ramon.

Dr. Risch

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