The holiday of Purim is here again and this is why it will change the way you see yourself

by Phil Schneider

What is the inner idea behind the custom of wearing Purim costumes?

The outer part of our self is often a facade.  This powerful Purim video serves as an excellent wake-up call to all of us.  God’s hidden hand revealed itself in the story of Purim. What seemed like coincidences was actually God’s guiding hand.

The real you is something that often hides behind many masks.  What are those masks?  Why are their so many masks in today’s day and age?

A Little Depth

I would posit that the world today is a very external world.  Despite the complexities that our world is filled with today, most people today do not actually live very complex or deep lives.

Many people simply spend a very big part of their life trying to be well-liked, appreciated, or just famous.  But, is that a real goal?  Perhaps this is just a fake goal.

Obsequiousness is probably simply a result of being under-appreciated in one’s youth.  People who have been tended to, loved, and appreciated throughout childhood will not spend most of their adult lives pandering for appreciation.

Yes, adults often need to wake up and realize that they are living fake lives and not real lives.

A real life is focused on being true to oneself – not living based on other people’s truths.

But this takes effort – a lot of effort.  That’s why it is so much easier to focus on being appreciated by others.  Living according to other people’s ideals is always easier than making fundamental changes.

So instead, people choose to wear masks.  On Purim, we wear Purim costumes. But, we tear off our daily masks and work on returning to our essence. We want to live according to God’s truths as WE see them.  No longer will we be bound to peer pressure.

Lets bind ourselves to the eternal Maker and to the eternal truths that are REAL.

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