This is how Israel celebrates victory over its enemies

by Avi Abelow

The holiday of Purim is upon us! Jewish people all over the world celebrate how we turned the tables on the evil Haman and his family. In ancient Persia, Haman tried to convince King Achashverosh, the King of Persia, to kill all the Jews. Instead of a mass destruction of our people, we had a miraculous victory. The evil Persians were humiliated and Haman was executed by the King for trying to annihilate the Jews. Today, the Jews celebrate as they have for over 2500 years.

It’s Purim Party time!

When was the last time you were at a good party? How about a party for thanking G-d for surviving?

The interesting thing about the Purim holiday is how we celebrate this holiday of survival. Yes, we eat and drink, but not the way it is done at most parties. This time our eating and drinking is done in such a way to show that we are worshiping G-d through an intense internal joy and appreciation. We not only eat and drink, but we give food and charity to others. And when we drink, it is not to get drunk and crazy, but to get tipsy so that we sing out praises to our G-d above.

This is how the people of Israel celebrates victory over its enemies!

This song is from Gershon Veroba’s “Turn It Around” album.

Chag Purim Sameach…Happy Purim Holiday!

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