Dana Moon (a comedian who’s not 100% sober) telling the story of Noah and the flood…

by Aaron

Dana Moon is a biblical comedian – in this video.  She uses understatement and alcohol, and teaches us the story of Noah and the flood…

The Bible comes to life in this fascinating description of the Noah story.


The story of the Bible begins with Adam and Eve.  The world once included just 2 people and the Garden of Eden.  Then, they had two children – Cain and Abel.  They fought and Cain killed Abel.

Afterwards, Adam and Eve gave birth to a third child – Seth.

What is not well-known is that the entire world actually comes from – Seth.

How did this happen?

Cain and Seth each had children and grandchildren.  Most of the world lived somewhere in the area of what is today Iraq, Iran, Turkey or Afghanistan.

But, after 1,000 years, God basically got fed up with the world.  There was so much theft and evil in the world, that God “decided” that it was time to largely destroy the world and start over.

Hence – the Flood.


God decided that the person that was the most righteous in the generation was Noah.  From Noah, God would build out the rest of the world.

So, he destroyed the entire world with a great flood.  But, beforehand, He prepared the world.  Noah built a massive boat and brought in 2 of every species and 7 of the “kosher” species.

That is how animal life survived the flood.

When the flood was over, Noah, who descended from Seth, his wife and three kids and their wives remained.  From them, the entire world came out.

So, the story of the flood is actually an essential part of the story of creation, destruction, and survival.

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