The most frightening campaign call in America’s elections

by Michael Sax

It’s not a horror movie, the campaign is real. Someone is terrorizing the public with lies and creating fear. Listen to the actual call right here. Make sure to press the volume button on the lower right side of the video

Campaign of fear and lies

The caller leaves a very frightening voice message for his campaign. He claims that one of America’s leaders has other priorities. Furthermore, he wants to “rid America of traitorous Jews.”  Did he just call to kill Jews? The caller also says he will “end Jewish control over America.”  These claims are totally false. They represent age-old hatred against Jews, hatred that was apparent in Germany pre-WWII.

Creating fear

The caller wants to create fear among the public. He uses old anti-Semitic messages. What is very scary is that he somehow got people’s home phone numbers, and is making threats. The caller’s claims against Dianne Feinstein are lies. It’s time to address anti-semitism head on before the caller makes good on his promise to “rid America” of Jews.

This is what anti-semitism looks like

The campaign tells people to vote for Patrick Little. Patrick Little is a white supremacist candidate running as a Republican. On one of his social media platforms, Patrick states:

I propose a government that makes counter-semitism central to all aims of the state. A government:

1) Of a People, for that people, free from jews

2) That cannot revoke the right to bear arms, such that this people can remain free from jews

3) that forbids all immigration except of biological kin, where no person of jewish origin may live, vacation, or traverse

This anti-semitism (hatred of Jews) cannot be allowed to exist in our society, let alone can a person with such sick beliefs hold public office. American citizens don’t deserve to be sent such lunatic hateful messages.

Update: June 6th – 2018 – Patrick Little received less than 1% of the vote in California and came in 11th place.

Motivation for Terror
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