Achmed the dead terrorist just showed up in Tel Aviv

by Phil Schneider

This comedy routine is the epitome of political incorrectness. Should there be a limit on what comedians can or cannot say? Of course. The lame excuse of, “It’s just a joke!” does not hold water in all situations. Comedians are very important in our lives and they hold alot of sway in terms of the impact that their words have on the masses. Saturday Night Live is a true player in the political elections. This is a good thing. If we can’t laugh and make fun of the ridiculous things about our leaders, then we will not have the proper wherewithal to withstand the pressures that major leaders take on their shoulders. Especially in today’s day and age where political correctness has silenced so many people from expressing their true thoughts on matters, we need the free-wheeling mouths and attitudes of comedians to allow us to relax and laugh at the hilarity that our lives engender.

Achmed is Different – He’s Islamophobic

The detractors of this comedy scene will tell you that Islamophobia is different. It should be off-limits – they say. They are wrong. Achmed obviously is a racist puppet. But, can you honestly say that you don’t find this act amusing? Achmed expresses so much of what so many people think in today’s day and age that this act is actually very amusing. But yes, it is sad that the idea of a dead terrorist puppet is what we need to remind ourselves of the new nature of the battles that we face in the new world order.

One thing that is somewhat refreshing about some of the newer political leaders today is their outspoken rejection of political correctness. This is something that may actually continue and grow in the coming decades. This is good. Yes, we need to be diplomatic when necessary and guard our mouths. But, we need to also be willing to confront sacred cows on major issues that relate to national security and our basic way of life – especially when they are being threatened.

Thank you Achmed for making us laugh – even as you scare the living daylights out of us.

Roe vs. Wade

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