Famous Jewish singer’s father in law viciously attacked in New York City

by Leah Rosenberg

This is not the first time a Jew has been attacked in New York City. Antisemitism has been rampant. Can Jews no longer walk the streets safely in America?

Attacked in New York City

A 64-year-old Rabbi was attacked in New York City, a place that should be safe for all people – including Jewish people. This man is also the father in law of a famous Jewish singer named Benny Friedman. His father in law could have been murdered! The assailant attacked the older man with a large paving stone and knocked out some of his teeth. He also had a broken nose and lacerations. Thank God nothing worse happened!

All this Rabbi was doing was taking his regular stroll in the Park. Does that warrant such a horrendous attack? Did this man do anything wrong by enjoying nature and exercising? Enough of these attacks! The fact that someone can go after an innocent older man with a large paving stone and slam him with it is inconceivable. How are people so horrific?

What Now?

NYC has seen many antisemitic attacks recently. There are no words. Why should it be that Jews need to fear walking through the parks and streets of their towns? Why hasn’t antisemitism disappeared yet?

While the world brushes antisemitism under the carpet, the attacks just keep on happening.

Dr. Risch

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