What this famous baseball player did is way bigger than playing baseball

by Chaya Cikk

What this famous baseball player did is absolutely astounding! He took time out of his schedule to go and visit a very special camp. Camp Simcha is a one of a kind camp for kids with cancer and other blood disorders.

Baseball Player

Baseball is a great bat and ball game that everyone loves! Did you know the game originated in England in the 1700s? However, the game has evolved since. When it was brought to America, many years later. Now, there are many teams and divisions all across America.

Most noteworthy is this one player from Cleveland Indians called Yosiel Puig. The Indians were playing in New York against the New York Mets. On their day off from playing Puig flew a private helicopter and went to visit Camp Simcha.

Puig said one of the best comments he got, was from one child who said ” I love the way you play. Keep going, fight”. Which Puig responded, “Oh, I’m the one coming here to tell you to keep fighting”. A famous baseball player coming to camp is a day that these kids will treasure with them forever.

Camp Simcha

Camp Simcha is a wonderful organization that works with kids who have been diagnosed with cancer and other disorders. For many years now they have arranged an overnight summer camp for these kids, based in New York.

Additionally, many of these kids feel that they miss out on fun activities and other things kids do, since being diagnosed with cancer. Furthermore, the camp has an amazing staff who work around the clock to be there for the kid’s needs. The staff arranges activities such as color war, paintball, water activities, sports, carnivals, talent show, BBQ’s and so much more.

Considering all the medical procedures these kids go through they just want to feel like normal kids and enjoy a normal summer. Finally, the kids really enjoyed seeing this famous baseball player, Yasiel Puig at camp. It truly was something very special for them.

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