Arab rock attack on Ben Goldstein’s car while doing a video on – you guessed it – rock attacks!

by Leah Rosenberg

You won’t hear about an Arab rock attack on the mainstream media. And we are not talking about little stones. We are talking about injuries and death.

An Arab Rock Attack

Being targeted by an Arab rock attack is no laughing matter. We are not talking about a game. We are not talking about Arabs throwing tiny stones to bother Israelis (which would also be unacceptable). These rock attacks have sometimes caused serious injuries and even deaths! Israelis will go about their lives and drive along the roads in the land that God gave them. And without warning, Arabs will start pelting their cars with massive boulders. These boulders have caused accidents, swerving, shattered windows, and more.

In 2013, a four year old girl was critically wounded by rocks that Palestinian terrorists threw at her family’s car. Their car smashed into a truck after swerving. Some of her family members as well as others were injured too. Two years later, she died of Pneumonia, but her mother said that it was undoubtedly directly related to the neurological damage she suffered. Her body was not able to fight medical issues the way others are.

More recently, in January 2019, a mother of four was killed by Palestinian Arabs who threw rocks at her car, causing her car to swerve.

Palestinian Arabs Stand by to Attack

You can see in this video that Ben Goldstein did not attack any Palestinian Arabs. He did not shoot at them or harm them. These rock attacks are not because of any “oppression” or self defense. The Palestinian Arabs stand by the roads and wait to bombard Israeli cars. They want to murder and kill Israelis with whatever means they have. It is abominable. The world needs to know the truth. They need to see what goes on in Israel constantly. How can they possibly choose to side with these terrorists?

Motivation for Terror
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