How DARE this newscaster say what he said about Israel!

by Leah Rosenberg

This newscaster on RT tried to slam Israel for defending itself. Naftali Bennett gave it to him. The reporter kept trying to condemn Israel but to no avail.

Naftali Bennett Responded Perfectly

Naftali Bennett was interrogated about Israel’s actions against Iranian targets. The reporter painted Israel as the “bad guy” for what he felt were preemptive strikes. But the thing is, Iran has already attacked Israel on multiple occasions through all their proxies, like Hezbollah and Hamas. Each time the newscaster tried to come back with another reason Israel is in the wrong, Bennett responded perfectly with the facts and the truth. He was composed and did not get flustered at all. Yes, Israel will defend itself. No, Israel will not just sit back and wait to be attacked and use its Iron Dome defense system. That is just absurd for the reporter to suggest that.

But again, welcome to the world’s view of a conflict that has a clear good side and a clear evil side.

The Sad Truth

The fact that the RT broadcaster even asked Naftali Bennett a question about if Israel is “bothered at all about a UN response” shows how disconnected he is from reality and how the UN means absolutely nothing. They do not protect anyone – aside from terrorists like Hamas.

The sad truth is that the view of this newscaster is the view of much of the world. It is ignorant. It is foolish. And it most definitely portrays a disconnect between reality and the way the world views reality.

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