Iran Waging War Against Israel from Gaza Right Now

by Avi Abelow

Hamas and Islamic Jihad are still in the midst of shooting 400+ rockets at Israel. They are proxies of Iran, as part of Iran’s overall effort to destroy Israel. The following is the full video of the bus that was shot and destroyed by a guided missile shot by a terrorist in Gaza. We don’t know how far away the video cameraman is standing, but he was part of the attack strategy, positioned to record the bus being hit. This video was then broadcast directly on Iranian TV, before any other broadcast, showing that Iran was connected with the attack. This is only one small piece of the dangerous war effort that Israel finds itself against Iran, on the Gaza border.

It’s Not Gaza, it’s Iran

Gaza is only one front of the Iranian war effort against Israel. Lebanon is the other front, in the North. While Israelis want Israel to stop the rocket attacks from Gaza, PM Netanyahu and the Israeli cabinet, are more afraid of the 150,000 Iranian Hizbullah rockets ready to be shot at Israel. The North now is even more dangerous than it used to be because Russia is fully supporting Iran in Syria. Even though Syrian forces shot down a Russian spy plane in the skies of Syria, Russia used that event to cut off ties with Israel, and further strengthen strategic ties with Iran.

What is Going On? Why Hasn’t Israel Attacked Hamas Yet to Stop the Rocket Fire?

Here is the MUST SEE analysis on the Gaza situation by journalist Caroline Glick! She explains why Israel has yet to go on the offensive to protect the South. She explains in detail how Iran is really behind the terror offensive in Gaza, and explains to us what the Israeli cabinet Ministers are discussing right now in deciding how best to respond to the Gaza terror.

The bottom line is that Iran is waging a war against Israel, and attacking Gaza won’t stop anything, because Hamas in Gaza is just an Iranian proxy. To stop the terror in Gaza, Israel must attack the Iranian proxy forces in Lebanon as well. That would entail a two-front war, where the damages on Israeli, and Israeli citizens, from the 150,000 rockets in Lebanon will be disastrous. Don’t miss watching Caroline Glick’s thorough analysis.

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