A drone just flew over Tel Aviv and captured something amazing

by Leah Rosenberg

Every city in Israel is known for something. From the North of Israel all the way to the south, every city has something to offer. Take a look at Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv and Israel

Tel Aviv has some stunning views. This drone did not even capture everything.

But really, it is not just Tel Aviv that you have to see. Israel is beautiful. There is a deep and unique beauty that reaches far beyond the physical. It is something that cannot be explained, and it is something that a drone cannot truly capture. After all, Israel is G-d’s special land. It is the chosen land, and that feeling is evident when you take a walk through Israel.

The beauty of the holy land really never ceases to amaze. From the yellow sand dunes in the desert, to its beautiful beaches, to the mountains and greenery in the Golan. From the metropolitan cities like Tel Aviv to the holy cities drenched in history like Jerusalem and Tzfat.

The stones and buildings, the trees and the water. Even the dirt is rich with history and beauty.

For a small country, Israel has everything to offer. Don’t believe it? Come and see for yourself.

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