You’ll Never Believe What Happened at Tel Aviv University

by Leah Rosenberg

Tel Aviv University is in ISRAEL! And you have Israeli Arabs openly supporting terrorism there. But look what an Israeli Arab did in response.

So Don’t Learn at Tel Aviv University

You have got to love Yoseph Haddad. He is a proud Israeli Arab who goes around defending the truth. He stands up for Israel and isn’t afraid to be in a place where he is the only one doing so. So, when Israeli Arab students at Tel Aviv University decided to support and show solidarity with terrorists, he had to respond.

These Israeli Arab terror supporters are taking advantage of the rights that Israel gives them. They are learning in an ISRAELI university and then supporting terrorists in Jenin. They should not be learning in Tel Aviv University if they support terrorism.

The world claims Israel is an apartheid state. But this one video clearly shows how wrong everyone is about Israel. If Israel was an apartheid state, it would not have Arabs studying in its universities. And these Arabs don’t even appreciate the opportunities they have in Israel! They don’t acknowledge how free they are in the one and only Jewish state. If they feel so oppressed, they can go live under the Palestinian Authority and see how free they feel there.

It is absolutely absurd that these Israeli Arabs support the destruction of the Jewish state and the murder of innocent Jews when they are literally benefitting from that very same Jewish state. They hate Israel so much, and then they decide they want to study in its universities.

As Yoseph Haddad said to their faces: “Hypocrites.”

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