Iran’s crumbling economy sends enraged protesters to the streets

by Leah Rosenberg

Iran’s economy is deteriorating. Iranians are furious. And what does the Iranian leadership do? They blame America. They blame the West.

What’s happening to Iran’s Economy?

Iran has spent billions of dollars in proxy wars and supporting terrorism. Instead of using their money to build up the economy, they use it to fund terrorists.

Aside from that, the U.S. withdrew from the nuclear deal and reimposed sanctions. Because Iran won’t give up building a nuclear weapon, the U.S. is going to try to stop them.

If Iran doesn’t stop using their money to support terrorism, and if they continue to build a nuclear weapon, their economy will completely fail and fall. The president of Iran Hassan Rouhani wants to blame the West. But truthfully, it is the Iranian regime’s own fault for not caring about their people and only caring about funding terrorism and developing a nuclear weapon. If the leaders wanted to improve the economy for their people, they would stop spending their money the way they are, and they would start building up Iran’s economy once again.

The People’s Response

Iranians are protesting. And they are not screaming “Death to Israel!” They are also not screaming “Death to America!” What are they shouting? “Death to Palestine!” Why? Because they are sick of the leadership in Iran caring more about funding terrorists than their own people. Iranians are done with the regime causing the economy to dwindle. They have taken to the streets to protest. The people of Iran want their leaders to care about them and what’s best for their country. Individuals are risking their lives by protesting. Protests broke out earlier this year, and no less than 25 people were killed as well as thousands detained.

Will real change come from these new protests? Only time will tell.

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