Iranians Chant “Death to Palestine” in Protests Against Iranian Regime Across Iran

by Avi Abelow

MUST-WATCH: Crowds in Iran are chanting “Death to Palestine!” Iranians are not chanting death to Israel or death to America.  Now they scream out, “Death to palestine!” Something very interesting is happening in Iran.

That’s not all they chanted!

What is Going On?

The Iranians are fed up with their horrible economic situation. The Iranian regime did not use the $150 billion that Obama gave them to help their people or their economy. The Islamic regime of Iran gave that money to Hamas and Hezbollah.  They used it in order to fund terror efforts around the Middle East.  Meanwhile the local population is struggling to make ends meet.  If these protests continue and the Iranian regime falls, the Middle East will undergo a sea change.  The terror groups in the name of “palestine” can say goodbye to all the Iranian money they receive.

The Iranian regime is facing a deep, prolonged crisis. The economy is very bad and people are protesting in the streets.

In this video, you can see the Bazaar merchants of Tehran, Iran.  They protest the high prices and the Islamic regimes wastefulness of national and financial assets.  What bothers them most are the funds that Iran uses to export terrorism and build nuclear projects.   Instead, they want to the funds to help the Iranian people directly.

The scale and persistence of these demonstrations suggest something big is happening. Is this the beginning of the end of the Islamic Mullahs stranglehold on Iran?

For most Iranians, Gaza, “palestine”, even nuclear missiles, are meaningless distractions. They don’t understand why Iranian resources and money is feeding terror and war and not feeding the Iranian people.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

The Islamic Republic of Iran’s currency is collapsing. The exchange rate for the Iranian Rial is about to be 100,000 Rial to one US dollar. The Iranian people have had enough.

More Protests

Powerful Message from Iranian Protestor

Thank Goodness Obama is Gone…

New Israeli Prime Minister
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