The most chilling kindergarten graduation you will ever see

by Leah Rosenberg

Peace is impossible now with our Arab neighbors in Gaza, Judea and Samaria because of what you are about to see at this kindergarten graduation ceremony.

“Palestinian” Arab Society is Sick

People don’t like believing us when we say that the “palestinian” Arab society is a death cult. They literally worship death and martyrdom. They teach their kindergarten kids to want to kill Jews!

It’s hard for people in the West to believe this. How could this be? It goes against all the basic tenets of humanity. We are educated to believe that all parents want the best for their children. To keep them away from danger. Why would parents want to be trained in kindergarten to murder Jews? And be motivated to die trying to become a martyr, a shahid?

Kindergarten Graduation

The scenes in this video are obscene. This is a kindergarten graduation for goodness sake!

Children should be having fun. Laughing. Singing songs. Enacting a terror attack to kill Jews and kidnap them? This is a sick society. What types of parents are excited to see their kids enact killing and kidnapping people at their kindergarten graduation? Nobody who lives and grows up in a normal society.

Which is exactly the point. The “palestinian” Arab society is not normal. It is sick and disgusting.

No peace is possible until we accept this basic premise and deal with it.

It is impossible to make peace with people who teach that to kidnap and kill is holy.  They receive this with their mother’s milk. The truth is that simple. Sad, but true.

Lag B'Omer

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