Conservative MP stands up to liberal Canadian government abandoning Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

The Canadian government has become so liberal and has turned against Israel. But at least one MP will stand up and fight back.

Liberal Governments

Many world governments have become so liberal. Somehow, what comes along with being liberal is also being anti-Israel. Despite the equality, democracy, acceptance, and opportunities Israel gives to ALL people, they are still criticized. No, Israel is not perfect. But is your country?

Liberal governments in theory should support Israel because Israel stands for everything they believe in. Every freedom that liberals fight for, Israel provides. Yet somehow what liberals believe in doesn’t translate into their treatment of Israel. It’s really ironic.

Peter Kent

At least someone is able to stand up and defend Israel. Peter Kent is a Conservative member of the parliament. Regarding a motion against Israel at the U.N., he said, “The liberals directed Canada’s diplomats to sit on their hands – to abstain from standing with the only democracy in the Middle East.”

Kent says the liberals are Israel’s “fair weather friend.” He says, “The liberals always show up for the annual Walk with Israel, as fair weather friends would. Why did the liberals refuse to stand with Israel yesterday?” He has such a strong point. The liberal Canadian government says they support Israel, but when it comes down to standing up for the Jewish state, they don’t. They only support Israel when it’s nice and easy.

Supporting Israel is about standing with Israel even when it means going against the tide. Even when the world is shouting against Israel, being Israel’s ally means that you shout the truth back at their condemnations.

And the Canadian government doesn’t seem like they are willing to do that.

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