Liberal Canadian MP labels anti-ISIS protesters “white supremacists”

by Avi Abelow

Personal Attacks Instead of Issue-Based Discussion

Whenever a progressive wants to shut down an argument against their progressive views, all they have to do is respond with a personal attack.  Usually, the argument will be that the dissenters are “racists” or “white supremacists.”  This allows them to ignore all rational forms of disagreement and claim “victory” on the issue.

Is is sad that elected officials now act this way. A serious sign that society is sick. Rational discussion is gone. Personal attacks are the new ways in order to ignore disagreements to policy.

“When white supremacists schedule a protest at your office, you know you are doing something right.”  This is how Canadian Liberal MP Chris Bittle responded to the protesters outside his office. What makes people “white supremacists” for protesting against Trudeau’s Canada allowing ISIS fighters into Canada?

Twitter War

MP Bittle tweeted this comment and received tons of very well expressed responses. Seriously, what is he thinking?

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