Powerful new Jerusalem music video “City of Stone”

by Michael Sax

Jerusalem is a very holy city and full of beauty. Thousands of years ago the Levites played music at the Temple. This Jerusalem music video is sure to inspire others. Did you know Jerusalem is called “Shalem”?

Biblical connection to Jerusalem (Shalem)

In the Torah, the book of Genesis relates how Malkizedek, king of Shalem, brought food and drink for Abraham. Shalem is another name of Jerusalem. And so this verse in Genesis is one of the earliest mentions of Jerusalem in the Bible.  Years later, Abraham and Isaac went to Jerusalem for the famous sacrifice test. There Abraham offered an animal sacrifice to God on Mount Moriah in place of Isaac. Mount Moriah is in Jerusalem. The First and Second Temples were built on Mount Moriah.

Jews and Music

The Torah recounts many songs. A well-known song is the one sang at the splitting of the sea. Once in Israel, King David played a musical instrument and wrote many psalms.  Levites played music in the Temples, and blew the Shofar (rams’s horn) for religious purposes. Levites blew the shofar to signal the Israelite camp to travel in the desert. So there is a strong connection between the Jewish people and music.

And that connection continues to the present. A significant part of Jewish prayer is not just read silently, but sung aloud. Jewish holidays have many popular songs. For example, on Passover, most Jewish children know the “Ma Nishtana” and “Dayeinu.” Music has a wonderful ability to unite people. And so it is no surprise that this talented musician has a great song.  Whether you’ve visited Jerusalem or not, you’ll be sure to enjoy this Jerusalem music video. You may probably want to play the song a second time because it’s so good. So sit back, relax and enjoy!

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