Expert Dr. Kedar explains how the Palestinian Authority will collapse without Abbas

by Avi Abelow

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas is currently 82 years old, in his thirteenth year as President of the PA. Ironically, the role was intended to last only four years! Whether by elections or retirement, his reign will eventually end.

Chris Mitchell of CBN, asks Islam & Middle East expert Dr. Kedar what will happen to the Palestinian Authority once Abbas is no longer in office?

The Collapse

According to Dr. Kedar, the Palestinian Authority can collapse within two weeks of an Abbas departure.

“The whole thing will eventually collapse” says Kedar. “The palestinian idea is actually a house made of cards. Their whole (national) plan is built on pipe dreams, that Jerusalem will be theirs, that the refugees will come back, that Israel would allow it, that they will have a full state.  Although it can turn into a terror state as happened in Gaza, that the whole world will support them. These are all dreams.”

The “Palestine” Narrative – House of Cards/Lies

According to Kedar, President Trump ripped apart two parts of their foundation of lies.

“Trump pulled out two very important cards from this house of cards that they have built. The Jerusalem card, and the refugees card – by removing sponsorship of UNRWA.” Kedar adds that the US Congress may pull out another card. “Legislation called the Taylor Force Act could stop hundreds of millions of US taxpayer dollars going to the PA. That’s because the PA reward terrorists who murder and attack Israelis.”

The Ultimate Roadblock to Peace

Even if the Palestinian Authority continues after an Abbas departure, Kedar says that there are still other roadblocks to peace.

Kedar reminds the viewers that the ultimate goal of the Palestinian Authority is to destroy Israel. He mentions that it is their stated goal that appears everywhere. Unfortunately, the world just prefers to ignore it!

Kedar proves his point by pulling out a scarf produced by the Palestinian Authority that they parade everywhere. On one side of the scarf it shows that “Jerusalem is ours,” although Jerusalem was never the capital of any Arab or Islamic country. But it is the other side of the scarf that is the killer. It shows a map of “Palestine” which is all of Israel, basically replacing Israel!

Anyone who wants to prove that the Palestinian Authority was, is and never will be interested in peace, should just watch this video.  Look at the scarf – it says everything. It should scare everyone to learn that their true purpose is to destroy Israel, not make peace.

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