Israel’s Economy is Booming Despite Growing Threat of War

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s economy is remarkable, especially given the fact that Israel is so young. But despite the booming economy, Israel faces the threat of war.

Israel’s Economy

Take a look at Israel’s economy. It is truly unbelievable! The Jewish state has only been around for 70 years, but when you look at the economy, you would never know that Israel is so young. The 70 year old country is able to do what so many other nations cannot do. Israel is a nation of strong-willed individuals who don’t give up. When you have a country like that, nothing is impossible.

Israel is a star in the high tech industry. They invest a lot of time and energy into research, inventing, innovating, and creating what their people need as well as what the world needs.

Something that might be shocking is Israel’s GDP. The young Jewish state has climbed up to have one of the highest in the Middle East – about 42,000 USD!

Israel is not affected by the continuous world pressure. They continue to thrive, and their economy continues to grow.

The Threat of War

Despite the fact that Israel is flourishing and its economy is doing so well, Israel constantly faces the threat of war. The sad truth is that it’s hard to know when that threat will disappear. Israel’s borders are being flooded with terrorists trying to infiltrate from Gaza. And then you have Hezbollah storing missiles to launch at Israel’s northern border – thanks to Iran. And if that’s not threatening enough, Syria’s civil war has brought Iranian troops to Israel’s border. Countries are trying to attack, and the peaceful nation of Israel is condemned for trying to protect themselves.

The world should be thanking Israel for all of the good they have created. The world should also be supporting Israel as they defend themselves against all those who want them wiped off the map.

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