Members of Congress were blown away by the innovation they discovered in Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

When a small country in the Middle East becomes a startup nation, its achievements will fascinate you. How can Israel, just shy of 70 years old, accomplish so much in such a short time?

U.S. – Israel ties

U.S. Congressmen from both political parties are proud of the U.S. – Israel ties and feel the advantages it has. They understand that America is benefitting from Israel being a startup nation and from its constant innovations.  In August 2017, 51 members from both sides of the aisle of the House of Representativestraveled to Israel via the American Israel Education Foundation. Members of both parties were impressed with the medical, agricultural and technological innovations coming out of Israel.

As California Rep. Nanette Barragán said, “We learned a lot about the startup tech industry there and how so many of the advances that are happening there, we’re using here. We need to continue not just to maintain that strong bond, but to grow it.”

U.S. Congressmen in Awe of Israel

Not only do the congressmen value the strong ties, but they are also inspired by what Israel has become. Israel’s accomplishments have not only changed its own country, but they have bettered the entire world. Michigan Rep. Jack Bergman is amazed by Israel’s water-related inventions: “Israel, which was basically a desert, has gone from a shortage of water now to managing the world’s best drip irrigation and crop management.” It is unbelievable that such a young and new country has found ways to use their resources to improve their own country as well as places all over the world. Their inventions are useful and relevant.

Everyone is benefiting from Israel not just existing but thriving.

California Rep. Kevin McCarthy said it best: “When you look at Israel, and you think, ‘How do they succeed?’ They face whatever challenge and they find a solution. And they make the world better.”

That is how a small and young country builds itself up and becomes a world superpower.


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