Israeli Family Rescued from Mob Attack at World Cup in Russia

by Avi Abelow

Belgian soccer fans rescued an Israeli family from a near lynch at a World Cup game in Moscow. The Tunisian fans who instigated the attack started to scream “Palestine” at the Israeli family when they saw the Israeli flag.

What Happened?

The Israeli father explained to the media that “I have no concessions to make as to my two passions, Israel and soccer, this is my flag, this is my country and I will wear my flag proudly”….. “I simply carried my flag and wanted to enjoy the game with my family and they attacked me like animals”

Thankfully the Belgian fans forcefully pushed away the Tunisian mob and rescued the Israeli family!

Not Alone

This was not the only anti-Israel incident at the World Cup games. The following videos show some of the additional incidents at the World Cup. Each and every incident started because the fans saw an Israeli with an Israeli flag.

Very Sad

It is very sad that this is the reality we live with today. People have such hatred for Israel and the Jews.  Meanwhile, people stay silent against the atrocities in the Muslim world.

The irony? It is the world of Islam that are the true conquerors and occupiers of the Middle East and North Africa. Through armed conquest, Islam has conquered one country after another decimating the indigenous populations. Yet today, they claim indigenous status when they are really the outsiders and colonizers.

Israel is Good

While Israel is what is good about humanity, in general, and the Middle East specifically,  people scapegoate Israel for all of the ills of society. Day after day, people spread lies about Israel and the Jewish people. And it leads to Israelis, and Jews, not being able to walk around in safety.

We will not stop being proud of our Jewish and Israeli identity.

They will not stop us from carrying our Israeli flag, that we are so proud of.

Religious Jews will not stop wearing our special head coverings that identify us as Jews either.

We will continue to do good things for humanity, the Middle East region and for any people or country that needs helps.

We are proud of our Jewish identity and proud of our Jewish state Israel.

As for the haters, the Bible was quite clear “Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed”

TV Program on the Anti-Israel Incidents at the World Cup

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