When over 400 people come together to sing one song, it sounds like THIS!

by Leah Rosenberg

When over 400 people come together in unity, it’s special. But when they come together in song, it’s even more beautiful.

Rabbi Daniel Beller

Over 400 people came together to sing the song “Rau Banim” by famous Jewish singer Yaakov Shwekey. What is so beautiful is that they came together to commemorate a beloved rabbi, Rabbi Daniel Beller. He was the rabbi of a synagogue in Ra’anana, Israel. As seen by the reflections his daughter wrote about him, he was a man of reputable character. People respected him and thought highly of him. He passed away at the young age of 53 after battling cancer.

Reminiscing about a certain memory of her father, his daughter Hadassa said, “That was the essence of his parenting. Loving, admiring and even being in awe of his children no matter what they did, he always saw through to our very souls” (Jpost.com).

It’s heartwarming to read about the love between this father and daughter and how strong their relationship was. And it’s heartbreaking to hear that it had to end so soon.

Inspired Through Song

People wanted to join together in song to celebrate Rabbi Beller’s life and commemorate the inspiring person that he was. And when they sang all together, you could feel the energy. You could feel the unity.

The song sounds beautiful on its own, but when you know the story behind the man who they are singing for, it’s that much more inspiring.

Listen to these voices sing to commemorate a man who was full of kindness and love. Open your heart and it may just change you.


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