How 6 words changed this man’s life

by Leah Rosenberg

Challenges can be hard to accept. When this man had to face the challenge of his stutter head on, he learned an important lesson: “Do not fear.”

Overcoming His Stutter

It’s not easy to overcome the challenges that God puts in our path. But when we do, it feels encouraging. This man grew up with what he described as a “debilitating stutter.” He said, “I couldn’t speak…I couldn’t say the word hello over the phone. And I often couldn’t even say my own name.” Over the years, he learned ways to overpower and control his stutter. It is so inspiring that he didn’t give up and that he found ways to overcome his challenge.

One of the methods this man uses to overcome his stutter was called “word switch.” He said, “I creatively find ways that when I know that I’m going to stutter on a word, I maneuver around the word and I use a synonym.”

Accepting Our Challenge

Sometimes, due to the circumstance, we cannot overcome our challenge. Instead, we have to learn to take it the way it is. When the man couldn’t overcome his stutter in the usual way, he had to learn to accept it. When he was not able to use his word switching, he realized that the words in the Bible facing him said “God said to Moses, ‘Do not fear.'”

And that is what this man did. He listened to the message that he felt God was giving him: “Do not fear.” How often do we miss the messages that God sends us?

Sometimes, God sends us obvious messages to help us through our challenges. Sometimes they are not as obvious. But either way, God wants us to succeed, and he his holding our hand through the process. You just have to keep your eyes and ears open.

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