Iranian Security Forces Kill Four Protestors Protesting Regime

by Avi Abelow

Al Arabiya English news reported that Iranian security forces shot and killed at least four protesters in Iran.  Demonstrations erupted for the second day in a row in the southwestern Iranian city of Muhammarah.

Rioting in the Streets

Iranians rioted in the streets due to a water shortage and a dire economic situation. Iranian security forces today fired at the protesters.

Many people uploaded and shared videos of the public protests on social media. In several of the videos, people ran from the sound of gunfire coming from the Iranian security forces.

Threat to the Islamic Regime?

Protesters are angry at the Islamic regime for wasting their money on Gaza, Syria and nuclear weapons instead of assisting Iranian citizens. Iranians have experienced a deteriorating economic situation.  Even basic things such as a lack of clean drinking water are the norm. People chanted against Khomeini and the Islamic regime and called them “regime thieves.”

Some experts on Iran do not think that the current protests are a threat to the Iranian regime. However, some have voiced the opinion that if more cities and minority populations join the protests, it could turn into a serious threat.

Official Iranian media, tightly supervised by the government, have not reported on the public protests.

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