Google removes egg from the salad emoji to be more “inclusive”

by Leah Rosenberg

The politically correct world has reached a new low. Does google really need to remove an egg from their salad emoji to accommodate vegans? That’s absurd!

Being “Inclusive”

The idea of being politically correct has taken a turn downhill. If certain liberal attitudes weren’t ridiculous enough already, they have definitely reached that level now. Google removed an egg from their salad emoji so that vegans could feel included as well. Is that really necessary? We are talking about emojis here. Why does the liberal world have to take emojis and turn them into something so serious?

Where will it end?

It’s beautiful to have different types of people with different beliefs living in one country. America is a wonderful place! But everyone should be able to have their own values without imposing those values upon others. What has happened with the emojis is humorous. Are people actually offended because there is an egg in a salad emoji? Yes, it’s true – some people eat eggs! It’s allowed, and it’s not a crime. But because google had to remove the egg to be “inclusive” of vegans, that is just allowing vegans to impose their behaviors upon the rest of google emoji users. That is just a new low for the politically correct world. It’s just emojis. No one is forcing a vegan to eat a salad with an egg in it.

In trying to prove the point of the absurdity of the situation, Liz Wheeler says, “I was just gonna suggest that they remove the peanut emoji for those of us that have peanut allergies. That’s a real trigger.”

Where will it end?

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