Prince William on historic first “official” royal visit to the state of Israel

by Avi Abelow

While British Royals have visited Israel in the past, Prince William is the first Royal to visit Israel on an official visit that recognizes Israel as the Jewish state.

It’s Not the Royals

As journalist Melanie Phillips has explained in the past, the Royals do not act or think on their own. They only do what the British Foreign Office tells them to do and say. The British Foreign Office never wanted any Royal to visit Israel officially until there was peace with the Arabs. So no Royal ever came to Israel on an official visit.

Balfour Declaration

The irony is that much of the conflict for the past 100 years with our Arab/Muslim neighbors is based on British mistakes.  The British signed the Balfour Declaration that recognized Israel as the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people. However, since that declaration was signed, the British did everything in their power to assist the Arabs in getting our homeland – instead of us. The British even turned away hundreds of thousands of Jews who were trying to escape the Nazis. Why? Because they promised the Arabs not to let in any more Jews. Who knows how many Jews could have been saved had Britain allowed the Jews to find refuge in the national homeland of the Jews.  That was what Britain herself declared in the Balfour Declaration.

Royals Have Visited Before

A number of Royals have visited Israel privately, but never in official British capacity. Princess Alice, who is the great-grandmother of Prince William, is buried in Jerusalem. A number of Royals have come through Jerusalem to visit her grave. Prince Charles also came to Israel for Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s funeral as well.

So what has changed today?

We don’t know. However, we do know that something has changed the minds of the British Foreign Office. Maybe they realize the shift in Arab relations with Israel. Even though there is no official peace, the situation is still good enough. Who knows?

However, this official visit of Prince William definitely exhibits a dramatic shift in British policy towards Israel.

Why a Royal Visit is Important

Watch this excellent insight from Col. Richard Kemp on why the #British #Royal family must visit Israel for Britain!

This is an interview I conducted with British Col. Richard Kemp a year ago, months before it was known that Prince William would come on the first official Royal visit.

Princess Alice of Battenberg

Many people never heard of Princess Alice.  They have certainly never heard of the fact that she is buried in Jerusalem – until this visit of Prince William.

Princess Alice is a recognized righteous gentile by Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Center, Yad Vashem. Princess Alice saved Jews during the Holocaust.

‘My amazing grandmother saved Jews from Hitler’ said Prince Charles once, when he spoke about how the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother took in a Jewish family to protect them from the Nazis in WWII.

During the Second World War, Princess Alice, the Duke of Edinburgh’s mother and Charles’s grandmother, sheltered a number of Jewish people when Greece was occupied.

Prince William Speech in Israel

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