Lebanese Journalist Said Something About Hamas That Shocked the Arab World

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s not a given that a Lebanese journalist would say something so brutally honest about Hamas. This is a must-hear.

Lebanese Journalist Blasts Hamas

It takes courage to speak the truth in the Arab world. When someone like a Lebanese journalist publicly berates Hamas for their barbarism, she could be putting herself in danger. But she still chose to speak up.

Anyone who has any moral compass should be able to admit that Hamas is a vicious terror group. Anyone with any type of goodness in them should be able to condemn the brutal massacre that took place on October 7 against innocent Israeli men, women, and children. But sadly, so many people seem to have lost their moral compasses. They seem to have actually lost their minds. To defend Hamas over the democratic and free state of Israel is absurd, to say the least.

And if a Lebanese journalist can admit the truth about Hamas, why can’t the entire Western world? Why are people so full of hate that they cannot even stand against terrorists and terrorism? This is not just about Israel. Israel may be fighting on the front lines, but these Islamic jihadis want to destroy the entire freedom-loving world. Anyone who is not like them is considered an infidel and according to them, must be killed. These Muslim extremists are not quiet about their beliefs. So why are there still those in the Western world ignoring the truth? It is mind-boggling.

Wake up, world. Before it’s too late. Time is running out. Israel is fighting your fight.

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