Douglas Murray and the “Son of Hamas” Sit Down for One of the Greatest Interviews of All Time

by Phil Schneider

Douglas Murray and the “Son of Hamas.” These are two people who have no illusions about reality. The “Son of Hamas” knows Hamas from the inside out. He grew up in it. He knows Hamas like every American boy knows baseball. Douglas Murray understands Hamas as an outsider who sees the world for what it is and doesn’t make believe that reality is not real. He sees facts that are incontrovertible and spreads them with the world in his eloquent manner that is second to none. 

The truth is that there should really be no need to hear the clarity from this duo. Anyone who has followed the battle of militant radical Arabs against Israel over the last 100 years, and especially over the last 30 years, knows that there is absolutely no readiness, willingness, or interest among radical Jew-hating Arabs in the Middle East to do anything but kill Jews. All talk of rapprochment, a peace process, or any form of accepting the existence of a Jewish State is completely off their radar.

Not all Arabs in the Middle East are the same complexion. Some indeed have made peace with the idea that the Jewish State is here to stay, whether they like it or not. But they are largely either powerless or have a short lifespan due to their violent Arab neighbors. 

Among the 1,000,000+ Hamas supporters in Gaza, the moderate Israel-accepting segment barely exists. They have either been killed by radical Arabs or moved out. But the few that genuinely are looking for upward mobility more than killing Jews need to be supported financially in moving to a relatively moderate Middle Eastern country like Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, or Jordan. The rest of the Arabs from Gaza need to be moved out of Gaza to places like Qatar, the #1 or #2 funder of terror in the world, the Sinai, or other Western countries who express such deep concern for the plight of the “poor Palestinians.” If they truly care, let them take in 10 or 20,000. If they are not willing to help, then they should be ignored. 

Then Israel should annex most if not all of the area of Gaza in order to ensure permanent safety to the 1,000,000+ Jews who were terrorized by the Arab terror state in Gaza over the last 18 years.

That is how you take a terror state of 1-2 million Arabs and turn it into an oasis of peace. Then Israel should turn the beaches of Gaza into prime real estate geared at tourists who like a good beach. Let Israel be known as the country that turned terror tunnels on the beach into beautiful hotels on beaches that attract tourists from all over the world.   

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