Hilarious: Behind the scenes of Iran’s UAV attack on Israel

by Phil Schneider

Since 1979, Iran has been fighting Israel via it’s proxies, Hizbullah, Hamas, and others in the region. But that has changed recently. Iran sent a coordinated attack of more than 300 aerial missiles, umv’s, and projectiles towards Israel in order to show Israel that it had superior technology that could penetrate Israeli air space and cause enormous damage. It became Iran’s most embarrassing day since the revolution in 1979. 

Iran is by no means a paper tiger. It probably poses the most formidable attack abilities in the Middle East that threaten the State of Israel. But Israeli technology was on full display, and when more than 99% of the missiles, unmanned vehicles and other aerial projectiles were blown out of the sky before entering Israeli air space, Iranian technological weakness was exposed.

The United States of America understandably is not looking for the military conflict to widen. But what the United States of America cannot deny are the aggressive intentions of Iran to kill as many Israelis as possible. The sanctions against Iran’s economic activity must be restored in full force. Any vote that does not weaken Iran is a decision to join the axis of terror that has chosen to inflict destruction and death on the world. Vladimir Putin, the Ayatollahs, and the other bad actors can all be brought to their knees within less than a decade with effective sanctions. If China is their only crutch to keep them going, they will eventually have a falling out with China too. 

But the Iranians must be scared, deeply scared of an Israeli counterattack and of world sanctions. The Iranian regime can and must fall. But it will not happen if western money continues to flow into Iran to soften the military humiliation. Biden and other Democrat-led policies of appeasement have been proven to be completely wrongheaded in regards to Iran. The correct policy ought to be the implementation of a coordinated covert plan to strengthen the “freedom from the Ayatollahs” movement inside of Iran. The masses of Iranians are willing to sacrifice themselves, but will only do so if they know that the United States will have their back.  

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