The Douglas Murray Interview That the World Needs to Watch

by Leah Rosenberg

This Douglas Murray interview is really worth watching. He is such a strong defender of Israel, and he reveals why.

Outstanding Douglas Murray Interview

Douglas Murray is very unique. He is a journalist who can actually see the truth and is willing to share it with the world. In this Douglas Murray interview, he makes it clear why he defends Israel. It’s the truth! He is just sharing what he sees, he said. But that’s still remarkable. Because even those who see the truth won’t say it out loud. Or they won’t be as vocal and supportive of Israel as he is. Murray is very deserving of awards and gratitude from Israel and the Jewish people.

He is not Jewish himself, and yet he so deeply cares for the people of Israel. He cares to share the truth. And Murray understands that standing up for Israel and standing up for truth are one and the same. It’s really a special thing that he understands this. Listening to this interview reminds us that there are very good people in the world who care and are willing to make it their mission to stand up for Israel.

Douglas Murray says a lot of important things here. People must listen and wake up to the truth. Hopefully, there are people who are waking up. As Murray said, “My belief has always been that one truth can puncture a thousand lies.” It’s always worth it to try to share the truth and pray that people will listen.

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