Watch Douglas Murray Rip Apart Islamophobia

by Phil Schneider

A phobia is an irrational fear. Douglas Murray explains clearly that there is nothing at all irrational about a fear of Muslim violence in today’s day and age. But these days, anything that someone says that speaks of the threats that emanate from radical Islam usually leads to the direct condemnation of the speaker as an Islamaphobe. This of course is the cousin of the term, homophobe, and the cousin of other phobias. It is stylish today to label anyone that expresses an opinion other than what is considered progressive as a person with phobias. Only progressive leftists – it would seem – lack any phobias. Only they are rational. Douglas Murray won’t have any of that.      

These are days when boldness is necessary. It is no longer sufficient to stand on the sidelines. One needs to decide on whose side does one stand. Does one stand on the side of truth, justice and reality? Or does one stand on the side of lies, injustice and fakery? Douglas Murray has made his stand. Eylon Levy has made it a point to make his stand. 

It is time to stand up and call a spade a spade. Islamic antisemitism is at the very heart of most of the antisemitism that is spreading across America and the world like a cancer. And it has become the norm among young people who are not Muslim who are not very concerned about truth, but about being stylishly progressive. Standing up today means being willing to be criticized. That’s OK and worth it. The alternative is to be accepted and on the side of lies.   

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