His Son Was Murdered on October 7 – What He Chose to Do After Will Leave You in Awe

by Leah Rosenberg

What this father did after his son was murdered on October 7 will bring you to tears. He has proven the Jewish people are winning.

The Spirit of the Jewish People Since October 7

After Hamas and Gazan civilians brutally attacked, murdered, raped, beheaded, burned, and kidnapped innocent Israelis and others on October 7, you would expect the Jewish people to feel defeated. You would expect any nation who experienced such a massacre to throw in the towel and sink into an irreversible depression. But somehow, despite the immense pain and tragedy, the Jewish people have come out united and strong. The people of Israel showed the world once again that G-d’s people do not accept defeat. We do not give up. Ever. When our enemies burn us, we rebuild. When our enemies spread vicious hate, we spread great love. And when our enemies try to murder us and bring so much death into the world, we keep bringing life into the world and celebrate happy times.

And that is exactly what Alon Mesika did after his precious son Adir was murdered by the most barbaric terrorists. Alon decided to do something to show what the Jewish people are all about. He has been making and donating diamond rings to soldiers to propose to their soulmate. His son might not be able to build a Jewish family, but he wants others to have the joy in doing so. He wants to help the Jewish people build – the exact opposite of what our enemies try to do to us.

How do we know the Jewish people are winning? This video right here. Alon Mesika is part of the proof that the people of Israel are invincible.

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