Hezbollah Strikes: 18 People Injured, Including 6 Soldiers On Northern Border

by Micha Gefen

Hezbollah used a Kamikaze Drone to strike the Galilee Bedouin community of Arab Al Aramsheh today where IDF reservists were also stationed.

Hezbollah also used ATGMs along with the drone to seriously damage a community center and other residential facilities.

Galilee Medical Center in Nahariya says 18 people were admitted to the hospital following the Hezbollah drone strike in Arab al-Aramshe. It says one victim is listed in critical condition and two are seriously wounded.

Another four people are listed in moderate condition, while the remaining victims are lightly hurt, the hospital adds.

Today’s attack was met with a serious IDF response as the army bombed the source of the fire. Since the Iranian attack on Israel, Hezbollah has ratcheted up its attacks on Northern Israel in anticipation of an Israeli counter strike on Iran. 

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