Hamas and Iran are Laughing at Biden for This

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden is concerned that Israel will move on – Haifa? We are so past the stage of realizing that Israel is working on assuaging the demands of an over-the-hill President. But that is the strange reality we live in. It is perhaps unprecedented in Israeli history, but it is exactly where Israel stands today.

If only Israel did not need American military aid so urgently in order to replenish the Israel Armed Forces to finish the job once and for all and rid the world of the Iranian threat, then Israel could laugh too. But this is no laughing matter. These days are fateful for Israel and the entire Middle East. America is filled with operatives deep inside the State Department who have strong anti-Israel attitudes. Instead of egging on Israel to once and for all finish off Iran, Israel is feeling pressure to take care of the humanitarian needs of those who are cooperating with the taking of Israeli hostages.  

The truth is that the main humanitarian issues are not in Gaza, but inside the rest of the Land of Israel where tens of thousands of Israelis are unable to return to their homes out of fear of being bombarded. But the hypocrisy of Joe Biden, Antony Blinken and the other US officials who are scared of losing Michigan, Minnesota and other States who have growing Arab Muslim populations is what is driving US foreign policy. 

Sooner than we think, Biden will be off the world stage and the truth will come out from one of his handlers about how dangerous the situation is today with Ol’ Joe running the show. Kamala Harris will become the main issue of the day if Joe folds before the election or after the election if he pulls out a win somehow. To be honest, it has been a major surprise that Biden has lasted this long. Who knows? Perhaps he is needed at the helm to shepherd a wrong-headed foreign policy in order to bring the world to the brink of a world conflict. Let’s hope for a peaceful and lasting end to Israel’s conflicts with it’s neighbors. This will only be accomplished through strength and not through appeasement.     

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Gershompesach April 21, 2024 - 1:36 pm

U hoid it from the Big Guy, Tel Aviv—Hands Off Haifa!

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